About Us

The institution was founded on October 2, 1952 in La Ramada de abajo, Tucumán Province, where performs its activity until now.

It started as a provider and gave a boost to the cultivation of sugar cane as a main activity, until it was severely affected by the 1959 crisis.

As the society grew structurally and obtained a bigger boosting agriculturally, saw the need to generate new physical space and seek new directions, that’s why the Cooperative faced one of his major achievements, as it was the colonization of the “Estancia La Virginia” purchasing approximately 9.000 has. of land in 1957, distributed among their 64 partners.

In these fields, in 1961, the institution introduced and promoted soybean planting, starting a new crop of dizzying growth, and became one of the main economic activities.

The Cooperative purchased agricultural machinery equipment providing services to the members during that decade for the planting and harvest of grains.

In 1973 the construction of a grain storage plant, with a 1.500 tonnes. of capacity. In 1975 its capacity was doubled to 3.000 tonnes. With further enlargements, the plant capacity reached 5.000 tonnes.

By 1986, the “Gobernador Piedrabuena” silo plant was purchased with a capacity of 6.000 tonnes, achieving 13.000 tonnes of storage, besides what is usually stored in “silo bags” at farmers fields.

In 2011 a “Fiat 220” truck was purchased so the “Vulcano” hopper available could be used, in September, 2016 a “Scania 310” and a “Vulcano” hopper were purchased, in March and October, 2019 a “Scania 250” and a “Scania 350” were added with their respective “Vulcano” hopper, with all of this, an important fleet was achieved to offer logistics service to our members.

In January, 2020 a storage plant was purchased in La Ramada de Abajo with a 2750 tonnes capacity, with this plant we increased our capacity of storage and services.


Promoting social and economical development of our members and regional producers, offering services and products agile and suitable.  


Be a leading Cooperative and consolidate ourselves as the best option for members and zonal producers.


  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Transparency – Solidarity
  • Interest for the community.